The Blue Beacon Truck Wash by Roxanne Wiedemann

Maybe it's the artist in me, but I can't help but see the beauty in ordinary things. 
If you just shift your perspective slightly, a room that you see daily can surprise you, and a piece of sky you constantly look at can suddenly seem breath taking. 

I often experience this when looking at buildings, and there was this one particular building along the highway between Hamilton and Niagara Falls. 
It's a little run down, but this eye catching shade of turquoise. 
Since the day I first saw it two years ago I knew that I wanted to take photos there.

Finally in January I convinced my sister Allysin to drive the 45 minutes out to it and be my subject with the turquoise building in the background, and it was everything that I had dreamed!

Beth - Winter Portraits by Roxanne Wiedemann

One of my favourite portrait series to date is a folder I labelled 'Snow Portraits'.

Last winter my sisters Beth and Allysin agreed to allow me to photograph them. Usually opposed to anything out of doors in the months of November through March, I was actually really excited to be taking my camera out on a chilly February day. 

I remember the original plan had been to go to the abandoned gas station off of the QEW, but after driving close to 40 minutes to get there we discovered that due to construction the only way to reach it was to walk. None of us were into the idea of hiking kilometres in the sub zero temperatures. 

Back up plan!

We drove back to Niagara Falls, disappointed by the turn of events, but in a stroke of luck we found a building with a large white wall. I was so happy with the results!

You can find Allysin's pictures here.

Allysin also filmed our adventure. Find her video here! 

NWC Christmas Photobooth by Roxanne Wiedemann

One of my sisters is the student & young adult pastor at a church here in Niagara Falls - Niagara Worship Centre. I feel really lucky that a year after I moved to Niagara Falls for my job at Pro Church Tools she was hired by NWC and moved here too. 

Each Christmas since then she has had the responsibility of putting together a photo booth for our church, and I have had the creative pleasure of lending a hand. 

Last year we created an artistic forest. 

This year we went for a more cheerful, cartoonish, style. Covering the back of our space with a wrapping paper with a colourful, confetti Christmas tree pattern on it. Then we hung a garland - we went with a fake one because last year we worked with real pine, and the needles dried out so quickly and kept falling off. The final thing we added to our back drop was a couple of gold word banners that Allysin picked up from Winners.

The final touches were some cardboard props, and some oversized 'ornaments' that Allysin and I (and Kelli Ann!) made from balloons and bristol board. 

Here are a few shots that I took this past Sunday:

Also how insanely adorable are Ry, his niece Lily, and Britt? Like seriously! My heart!

I have a couple engagement shots coming up, so look forward to that, and I'll hopefully have some shots from my own Christmas celebrations.

Merry Christmas y'all! 


Leave a comment with your favourite Christmas tradition. :) 

Christmas Parade 2017 by Roxanne Wiedemann

Alright y'all - finally feeling the beginnings of the holiday spirit! 

This past weekend was the Christmas Parade here in the Falls, so my sister and I gathered some friends and went to take it all in. It brought such joy to my soul!

Now I am currently sitting at my desk looking out on darkening grey skies that are filled with storm clouds. Night comes early these days, but with 'Holiday Beard Ballads' playing instrumental Christmas songs in my ears, somehow today seems light. Like that feeling when you see a Christmas tree decked out with warm, colourful lights at night. 

Somehow the world seems less cold; more friendly at Christmas. 

I pray that the warmth that is hope finds you where you are.