Allysin Portraits (Shooting RAW for the first time!)

The company I work for is a digital media company. (You can check them out at And a couple weeks ago my boss was learning all about how to take headshot as part of an online course he was writing. Through this we ended up talking about RAW.

Basically RAW is a setting on cameras that means the image data it stores literally is, well, raw. It has very little processing to it. Where as JPEG images have settings already baked in to the image that you cannot change in post production. RAW images give the editor more options, and more control.

After hearing my boss talking about it in the office a couple weeks back, I decided it was time to try it out for myself. Asked my sister, Allysin, to be my model, and on a perfectly gorgeous spring Sunday we headed to the beach . . . .

Roxanne Wiedemann