Allysin - Winter Portraits

As I stare out my window at the evening sun and the fading leaves I realize that my life has been so busy that I have a stash of hundreds of photos that I haven't shared yet! Don't worry I won't share them all . . . 

At least not all at once. ;)

I feel like this year my photography and editing style has began to shift and morph from my past overly bright, warm and crisp portraits to something a little more grungy, shadowed and film grainy.

Maybe it's a reflection of my outlook on life? Or a narrative on how life, like my art, becomes more complex the more you experience and know?

But that is something that needs more time for introspection, so not today!

My sisters were brave enough to venture into a cold January day (yes, it's been almost a year!!) to capture these portraits, and they turned out to be some of my favourite to date!

(PS - you can find more from Allysin over on her YouTube channel)

Here is a sample from Allysin's: