Introducing My Best Friend - Brittany

It was a chilly April evening before our salsa dance lessons when I finally talked my bestie into posing for some photographs.

I think every artist - whether you're a photographer, painter, videographer - basically anyone who loves to capture moments, expressions, the essence of human beings - knows what it is like to have someone they dream of capturing. 

For me one of those people is Brittany. 

The conditions weren't quite ideal. It was chilly, mostly overcast, and a little too late to be considered golden hour, but we grasped the opportunity and made the most of it. 

I actually enjoy the shadowy grain from the lack of light - I think it evokes this brood-y type of emotion in the photos. And combined with shooting at a large aperture - it evokes this feeling of mystery and magic - the city at night. With memories of college midnight coffee runs. Late night birthday dinner celebrations. Or walking home from the bus and being fully aware of how big the city is, and how magical to just be a small, integral part of the thriving essence of a city alive at night . . . or maybe that's just me. :) 

I can't wait to talk Britt into more photos in the future. I'm thinking magic hour and either a field or a forest - which I think would be a great fit for her minimalistic style.

Look for those in the future, but for now - enjoy!