Beth - Winter Portraits

One of my favourite portrait series to date is a folder I labelled 'Snow Portraits'.

Last winter my sisters Beth and Allysin agreed to allow me to photograph them. Usually opposed to anything out of doors in the months of November through March, I was actually really excited to be taking my camera out on a chilly February day. 

I remember the original plan had been to go to the abandoned gas station off of the QEW, but after driving close to 40 minutes to get there we discovered that due to construction the only way to reach it was to walk. None of us were into the idea of hiking kilometres in the sub zero temperatures. 

Back up plan!

We drove back to Niagara Falls, disappointed by the turn of events, but in a stroke of luck we found a building with a large white wall. I was so happy with the results!

You can find Allysin's pictures here.

Allysin also filmed our adventure. Find her video here!