Birthday List

I'm turning 30!!

I go back and forth between disbelief, excitement and disappointment with where I am in life right now. My birthday always gives me a reason to pause and evaluate my life, my habits and the person I want to become. It spurs me to change and improve.

BUT that is a post for another day.

Every year I put together a birthday list for my family and friends because choosing presents for people is hard! So, without further ado, here it is:

- Bleachers - Strange Desire record
- JohnnySwim record
- Natural Clay Mask
- Plants or plant accessories :)
- Cute socks
- Cactus mug
- Cute welcome mat
- Cute pillow cases
- iTunes cards (for all the TV shows and movies I want to watch!)
- New pillows for my bed
- Books - as always :) (Here's my book list)
- Grow lamp (or grow bulb and a lamp to put it in)
- Eco friendly cork yoga mat (examples)
Reusable Snack Bags
- Glass or stainless steel food containers (example)
- Wake up light