That Church Conference || Atlanta

I've spent the better part of this week in Atlanta on my very first "work trip".
(Does this make me an official adult?)
I got to meet our community.
Put faces and voices to digital names.
The people who share our space.
Who challenge is.
Inspire us. 
Who love us.
The people we work for and with.
And in the midst of this I got to do what I think I'm best at.
The thing I enjoy the most....
I got the insane privilege of spending the last three days sitting with pastors, leaders, entrepreneurs, volunteers, walking miracles . . . and hearing their stories. 
The pieces of their lives that have shaped them.
Created them.
Shifted them.
I've heard about miracle meetings.
Rock bottom ultimatums.
The good and bad moments that changed everything. 
I became the confidant to people's business plans, ministry hopes, and everyday struggles. 
I listened to people's passions and callings and observed how beautiful being human is, and how these things bring us together. 
I love traveling.
I love meeting people.
California - it's looking like you're next!
(and I can't wait!!)

My friend Alex was the one who went to That Church Conference with my boss, Brady, last year. So when we got back he asked me what I thought, and I had to admit I had only attended one of the actual sessions. Most of my time was spent in the coffee shop inside the Atlanta Tech Village - Octane.

My boss was working on his keynote, as well as an upcoming product launch (stayed tuned in November!!), and needed the wifi and working space. I used the opportunity to read (currently on book 23 of 2018!) and talk with anyone willing to sit close enough.

I love that this trip, and the notoriety of my boss and the company I work for, give me such a beautiful opportunity to speak with people from all over the world. It’s so interesting hearing people’s stories and listening to their dreams.

I hope my life gives me so many more of these types of opportunities.

PS - my boss is a complete legend. I’m so thankful that he took me along on this trip.