31 || A Birthday List


I love celebrating birthdays.
They’re a great excuse to get your friends and family together and celebrate life and relationships. To reminisce and create new memories.

In August of 1988, I was born.
And with that being the case, my 31st birthday is coming up, and here’s what I really want - a note/letter/card from you with 1 thing you think I do well (a trait you admire in me, or a skill you think I’m good at) and something you hope for me in this next year, and stick it in the mail. (If you don’t have my address - just let me know.) Then either on my birthday (August 26th) or the next time you see me, I want you to pray for me.

This is sincerely, wholeheartedly what I want for my birthday.

BUT if you still would like to buy a gift - here’s some ideas: