Spooky Sunday || 2018

Autumn is hands down my favourite season,
and in the office I’m not the only one.

My desk mate, Jo, love Halloween and pumpkin spice everything - but especially lattes. It has been more than one year that Jo and I have field tripped over to Starbucks on the week their fall drinks are released.

My lunch mate, Tristan also loves autumn. He enjoys the cold, and in fact embraces winter. He enjoys all things cozy from cups of Yorkshire Gold to office slippers.

And so Spooky Sunday was born.

During lunch one day we started talking about all the fun activities autumn holds, and that quickly solidified into a plan.

A corn maze.
An October Sunday.
And adventure shivering in the brisk autumn wind.


Hanes Corn Maze | Hamilton, ON (I think)

Don’t even ask me where this place actually is.
I was lucky to carpool with one of the guys. To be honest, I absolutely adore carpooling. It makes every drive seem like some grand road trip.

Bonus Spooky Points for stopping for pumpkin spice lattes on the way out of town!

This was my very first corn maze, and it was so much fun!


Ryland and Susie were insanely good at following the cryptic map we were given, and this was a maze with a prize! Which made it 80 times more fun.


Susie & Tristan were the ones that sat down and cracked the code.
And for winning, we all got to spin the prize wheel!

How are you celebrating autumn? Leave me a comment!