Photo Journal | Thanksgiving || 2018

Thanksgiving this year was spent with my family at our cottage.

Growing up our cottage was completely electricity free. Most of my memories of my time spent there is of me reading - everything from Jane Eyre to comic books. When I was young we would buy Archie comic books right before cottage trips, and we’ve built up a pretty impressive collection.

Since then my parents and aunt & uncle have installed a solar panel that can be used for some basic electrical needs. But we still have to conserve energy - especially on grey weekends like Thanksgiving this year.

Everyone has their “go to” meal when they’re cooking for others. My dad’s is eggs. Look how Sunset Grill perfect the over easy eggs my dad made me were.

My mom recently repainted and decorated most of the cottage, but a lot of the pieces are classic and have been part of cottage life for years.

Something that made this Thanksgiving extra special was the fact that this was Acacia’s first Thanksgiving, and very first family holiday.


It was also Acacia’s first photoshoot. My sister Allysin was the one who took the photos, and filmed a video of the behind the scenes for her YouTube channel.
Suffice to say, Acacia is already well on her way to YouTube fame. ;)


How did you spend Thanksgiving? Leave me a comment!