I Feel Happiest When . . .

I feel happiest when I live in the moment and let go of worry. 

Sometimes this comes in the form of taking a moment to see and enjoy the way the golden evening light streams through my windows.

Sometimes it's staring into the sky and feeling its vastness.

Other times it's fully giving myself over to rib aching, teary eyed laughter, when hanging out with my funniest friends. Feeling nothing but joy as the jokes flow easily between us. 

Or connecting with someone new and those first moments of becoming friends. 

Or the feeling of spontaneous adventures with people I like. For example - the other day was quiet at work and we spontaneously went for donuts and coffee. I remember sitting in the backseat of my friend's Jeep, windows down, radio blasting, sunshine coating everything in golden light. And as the wind tangled through my hair, everything slowed and the word 'infinite' ran through my head as I thought, 'this is it.' These are the moments we live for. The ones that matter and make life worth living.

This is life.

And my heart was full enough it could burst. 

I feel happiest when I let go.


Photo credit: Allysin Van Ysseldyk

When are you your happiest? Leave a comment and let me know.