Coffee | Dark Horse Espresso Bar | Toronto

Dark Horse Espresso Bar (120 Geary Ave.)

I've been to Dark Horse before, but not this location.
Again I found myself in a different area of Toronto than I was used to. 
More warehouse/residential than downtown. 

Following my Google Map's instructions I actually walked past the shop at first until my friend, Brandon, pointed out the red star design inside an open warehouse door. Outside a small patio space had been set up, expanding the small shop space. 

I loved the distressed, almost garage like feel of this stop. 


I ordered an iced almond milk latte, and one of my friends ordered iced mocha.
Out of the 3 (yes 3) lattes I drank this day, this one as both the strongest taste and is the one that made me the most jittery. (Oh hey there caffeine!) 

An added perk I discovered at Dark Horse is that they use paper straws. (Wondering why this matters? Click here.)
Recently I've become more and more concerned with how my life affects other people and the planet, so I've taken to carrying a metal straw in my purse to avoid plastic straws, which are mostly non-recyclable.
But my friend was pleasantly surprised when he grabbed a straw to find that it was the more easily recyclable paper version.

As part of our day trip to Toronto, this stop also included:

Blood Brothers (165 Geary Ave.)

Blood Brothers also featured a garage style door, and used picnic tables to create an outdoor space. 


Like I've mentioned before - I can't drink beer for health reasons, but something I find fascinating is the variety of colours beer can create. The flight one of the guys ordered at Blood Brothers so perfectly reflects this variety. 

Are you a coffee drinker? What's your favourite coffee shop?