Coffee | Pilot Coffee Roasters | Toronto

This week my boss came into the office asking if anyone wanted to take Friday and visit Toronto with him. There were a couple of breweries he had been wanting to check out. 

Instantly I volunteered.

I love spending time in big cities.
I thrive off the energy.
The constant coming and going.
The adventure in exploring and finding your own favourite spots.
In meeting people and admiring beautiful buildings and graffiti.

But breweries aren't my thing.
I have an auto immune disorder called celiac disease, which means that eating even the smallest trace of gluten (a protein in most grains) causes my immune system to attack my body.
So beer is not an option for me. 

Instead I planned a simultaneous coffee crawl, picking a coffee shop near each of the breweries we would be stopping at. Here's the first of 3 stops. Keep an eye on the blog in the next couple weeks for the other 2!

 Pilot Coffee (50 Wagstaff Dr.)


Pilot Coffee surprised me. 
Walking up the street I wondered if I was in the right place. The building looked like a warehouse other than the signature yellow sign. Even the door looked like every other metal warehouse door. 

BUT after I opened the door I was greeted by a bright, sunny space.

I ordered a latte made with almond milk - my go to.
And it was absolutely delicious!


Left Field Brewery (36 Wagstaff Dr.)

While I was picking up a latte at Pilot, the guys were checking out Left Field just down the street.


Are you a city or country person? Leave me a comment!