The Wiedemann Family || 2018

Getting my entire family together for family photos is always a challenge.

The last couple of years we’ve managed to do so over Thanksgiving weekend.

You can find last year’s photos here: The Wiedemann Family 2017.

Everybody In!

Over the past couple years our family has grown as two of my sisters have gotten married, one had a child, and another adopted a dog. Fitting a large number of people - especially a large number of people who are similar heights, into a photo comes with challenges - but with the help of some chairs and a few volunteers willing to sit on the ground - we were able to get everyone arranged quite nicely.



Then we grabbed a couple photos of just the biological family.

The Grandkids

My mom specifically requested that she get some photos of her and my dad with her “grandkids” - my niece Acacia and my sister’s chihuahua-pug mix, Chevy.


The Martins

I wanted to make sure we finished all of the pictures with Acacia as quickly as possible. It was a little chilly out, and of course working with children is always a bit unpredictable. But she did great! She remained content to the very last shot. :)

The Van Ysseldyks

Next I took photos of my sister, Allysin, and her husband Kyle - and of course their puppy, Chevy.


Finally we finished off with some headshots. My mom keeps a collage of headshots on her wall - one of each of us from each year. So now a yearly headshot is mandatory. :)

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