2018 In Review


An ongoing goal in my life is to lose weight. I have a mental finish line for where I would like to be eventually, but from day-to-day it’s putting one foot in front of the other as I slowly inch my way forward. With such a big, life changing goal it’s hard to see any change from one day to the next, or some times even one month to the next, but this year I am happy to be able to look back and see change.

In 2018 I lost exactly 15 pounds! And dropped one pant size.
This means that I’ve lost 35.6 pounds in total over the last couple years!

I’m stepping into 2019 with the hope and plan of doubling my weight loss from 2018. :)



I started 2018 with the idea that I wanted to read more.

Growing up I was a voracious reader - sometimes it didn’t even matter what I was reading, the act of reading in and of itself is something I enjoyed. But over the years with the accessibility of the internet, Netflix and binge watching - as well as a little bit of college reading burn out, reading got pushed out of my life.

I didn’t set an exact goal, but I knew I wanted to read more. So, I signed up for a library card and started bringing a book to work with me to read at lunch.

I tried to keep a blend of both fiction and non-fiction, and even read a couple of autobiographies that I really enjoyed. Some that stick out to me are Martin Short’s I Must Say, and Scott Harrison’s Thirst. I also ended up discovering two fiction series that I really loved - the Heather Wells comedic murder mysteries by Meg Cabot and The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Myers - a futuristic fairytale.

In the end I managed to read 29 books in 2018, with 2 more books started but not yet completed. :)

(You can find a complete list of the books I’ve read here.



In 2018 I have successfully paid $4,862 off the principal of my student loans!
It’s so exciting to login each month and see the amount I owe go down.
I hope that in 2019 I am able to continue to pay this down, and hope to do so at a higher rate.


2018 was a big year with trying new things, going on adventures and showing up for moments of big life change in the lives of my friends & family.

  • My Grandmother, Helga Wiedemann, passed away. Early in January of last year my grandmother was admitted into the hospital and after a routine angiogram experienced complications and passed away on January 8th.

  • My sister, Eve, got married on February 24th at a beautiful outdoor ceremony.

  • In March through a series of surprising events, I had my heart broken. It took me a long time to put the pieces together - maybe I’m still working at it - but because of this I started seeing my counsellor regularly. Seeing a counsellor has been a really, really great experience for me, and our monthly chats are something I always look forward to. Speaking with her makes me feel spacious and balanced, as if the world has more than enough for me.
    It also led me to start meditating on a regular basis, take up yoga more seriously and begin reading my Bible, praying and journalling more regularly - all things that help me manage my anxiety.

  • I participated in my first (and second!) vocal recital, and felt proud of the way my voice has grown and expanded since I started taking lessons a year and a half ago.

  • I photographed my 3rd wedding, and was so happy to have my sister Allysin as my second shooter.

  • I attended a few weddings. And I loved it! Wedding dance parties are one of the most wonderful highlights of life.

  • My niece, Acacia, was born.

  • I turned 30! And my best friends - Allysin & Brittany - planned me the most wonderful 80’s themed birthday party. It especially made me happy that all my friends came dressed to match the theme.

  • Went on my very first work trip with my boss Brady, and Kyle. Brady was speaking at That Church Conference in Atlanta and I was able to go along. It was so fun to get out and speak with members of our community in person. I love meeting people, connecting with them, hearing their stories.

  • Celebrated autumn with a chilly corn field adventure - one of my favourite days of the year.

  • Visited my cottage with my family for Thanksgiving and we took our family photos.


As always, I’m so lucky! I have incredible, wonderful people in my life - family and friends who truly care about me and seem to enjoy my company and want the best for me. They hope for me and hold me up on the days that feel heavy. They believe in me and try to help me accomplish the goals I choose for myself, and support me in even the smallest victories.

Looking Forward

I hope 2019 is a year that feels lighter.
That in the coming year I’ll be able to see more of the things I already have in my life, and less of the things that I think are missing.
I hope 2019 holds a love story for me.
And more realized goals.
That in the next 365 days I will be proud of the way I spend my time. That I will continue to lose weight (and eat and move healthier) and read books and learn to be a more consistent, self-disciplined person.
That my faith will continue to weave itself seamlessly into every area of my life, and that the way I exchange my moments and hours and days will be intentional, and less by accident.

What is something you’re thankful for from 2018?
What is something you’re hoping for 2019?
Let me know! Leave me a comment.